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Autore: Pozzo, A.

ID: 214

Il lancio del martello. Aspetti teorici e pratici.

(Hammer throw: theoretical and practical aspects.).

Anno:Gen-Apr 1992.
Numero Rivista:1-2.

In questa prima parte dopo un breve cenno storico del lancio del martello e delle principali grandezze che vengono usate in biomeccanica per poter definire la struttura cinematica e dinamica del moto rotatorio, viene presentato il modello biomeccanico del lancio del martello con riferimento

Parole Chiave
  • biomeccanica

  • tecnica

  • modello di prestazione

  • review

  • storia

  • martello

  • osservazione

In this first part, after a brief historical introduction on hammer throw and on the main parameters, used in biomechanics to be able to define the kinematic and dynamic structure of the rotatory movement, a biomechanical model of hammer throw is presented referring to the balistic of the throw, to the three main mechanical systems and to the kinematics and dynamics of essential points. Some reference models, derived from investigations carried out on élite athlete during the last ten years are analyzed. In conclusion, a technical evaluation is carried out relating to the strategies of coaches' observation an on the objective methods in the field practice.

  • hammer throw

  • biomechanics

  • technique

  • history

  • theoretical model

  • review

  • observation

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